Water damage may occur if your item is exposed to moisture in any way. This could mean it fell into water or simply that it was exposed to a damp environment. Most items have a sensor that is triggered when exposed to water. To check for water damage, we take a look at this sensor and if it is triggered, we consider the phone water damaged.

Will EasyTradeNow still offer me money if my phone is water damaged?

For iPhones , EasyTradeNow will make an offer for water damaged phones, but the phone is considered "broken".

Either way, if we find that your phone is water damaged, we will notify you of a change in offer and allow you to choose the new offer or have the phone shipped back to you, for $5.

How to determine if your phone is water damaged:

Apple uses a white field to indicate a device has had no liquid contact. When the indicator comes in contact with liquid, the white field turns red.

Check out Apple's website for any further information at: Apple Support